Triple O Entertainment is an event consulting and Nigerian Artiste management firm providing world class entertainment package with exponential strategy that exposes the unique features of a brand to the world, specialist in brand strategy, personality branding, media, social and print media broadcasting also a content provider for T.V and Radio.

Triple O Entertainment Is the official Company given the legal right to host the following events:

1.     Lagos Most Beautiful Girl (Official pageantry for Lagos State).
2.     Lagos Achievers Award (Official Award Ceremony for Lagos State).
3.     Nigeria Most Pretty Queen (National Pageant).
4.     Nigeria Choice Awards.
5.     Africa Most Pretty Queen.

The Awards and the pageant ceremony aims to recognize the success and vitality of all sectors in Nigeria. This unique annual awards and pageant  program has been established primarily to acknowledge, encourage and celebrate excellence among Nigerian sector by giving them the opportunity to gain valuable exposure and well-deserved recognition for their national and global expansion ambitions.

The main goal of the awards and pageantry program is, therefore, to help Nigeria’ business sector grow and prosper, and to market Nigeria as an investment destination for the rest of the world.

Nigeria Choice Awards, Lagos Achievers award, Nigeria Most Pretty Queen and Lagos Most Beautiful Girl is thus conceptualized as the brainchild of Triple O Entertainment in partnership with local and international bodies. It is an annual celebration of the most distinguished brands and individual in in all sectors. It is all about blitz, style, glitz, razzmatazz and celebrating legends and true excellence in creative arts.

This is undoubtedly the first of its kind, bringing entertainers, government personalities, organizations and brands under one umbrella to be celebrated for their enormous contributions to mankind and the development of Africa.


  1. To showcase Nigeria’ successful individual, group & companies.
  2. To promote and highlight the role that entertainment play in economic development of the continent.
  3. To present case studies and research findings in the entertainment sector.
  4. To bring together governments, celebrities, development institutions, investors, academics and private sector institutions with interest in the entertainment sector.
  5. To discuss best practices in the entertainment sector.
  6. To bring big business and entertainment together under one roof.
  7. To help promote entertainment research and development in Africa.
  8. Speech to be made by The CEO Empire Mate Entertainment (Banky W) and The CEO Supreme Marvin Dynasty (Don Jazzy).


To continually honor distinguished entertainers, government personalities, organizations and brands that have contributed to the growth and development of Africa.


Our vision is to be the biggest and best legendary brand in Africa.


Everything we do at Triple O Entertainment is inspired by our mission, values and vision. Hence, we use this medium to appeal to our fans to get involved in the public voting for the Nigeria Choice Awards via the official voting website

Nomination opens very soon.

Note: nomination / voting is open for participants in countries all over Africa namely : Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Gambia, Namibia , Togo, Sierra Leone, Uganda , Senegal , Cote D’ivoire, Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, Zambia, Niger, Cameroon and others.

Please also note that the winners of each category are announced on the night of the award ceremony.

We have carefully chosen, Lagos city, Nigeria to host this edition being known for its love and welcoming environment for entertainment. Therefore, we believe this laudable event will be greatly embraced in the city of Lagos. The event will be fun packed with African best performances from music, skits, comedy, fashion exhibition and dance act to trill the audience and viewers of our live broadcast of the live event.